The Stratosnews: Now with added sparkle. -

So team, the website is up, the twitter is tweeting, the facebook is spamming you and the instagram is showing you more fake eyelashes and good wallpaper than you’ve ever laid eyes on before. Look how easy we’ve made it to be stratosfans. #makingupwordsaswegoalong.

This week brings exciting adventures for us, Malt last night was amazing, tonight we have Motown on the Rocks at the Quarry (sold out, woo!) and tomorrow we have a private gig for exciting people in high-up-places (sadly not the kind who could make all our parking tickets disappear, but we’re excited nonetheless).

November and December are our crazy busy months, so be sure to catch us out on the town if you get a chance. We’re planning some big things for next year including an Etta James extravaganza, so stay tuned and watch this space and all those other things you say to keep people coming back. Come back!