The Stratosnews: With a Windchill Factor of 70 -

So we don’t even know what a windchill factor is or what number it should be, but what we *do* know is that we are buuuuuuuuuusy. And that Perth has been windy.

There’s the planning for the Etta Show, the Cottontail Trio and the Supper Club gigs that a few of us are doing this week – we did one last night at Malt and it was great fun, and tonight a bunch of us are playing at the State Theatre Centre wearing flapper dresses and indulging in some 20s yazz while possibly drinking all of the gin – plus our general planning for next year with gigs in all the Right Places with all the Right People.

Our next public show is Deville’s on Dec 8th. We will have some soulful singing, some riotous duets, Robbie Bresland will probably destroy your eardrums with his trumpet solos and Jonny F. Matthews will make you want to throw intimate apparel at his sexy guitar face.

See you there.