The Stratosnews: Fringe World Madness! -

We are very excited to announce our 2013 Fringe World show, TELL MAMA: THE MUSIC OF ETTA JAMES. (See gig guide for details if you want to waste no further time reading the rest of this blog and just buy tickets NOW!)

We managed to secure an amazing venue for the show: the brand new (to Perth!) West Australian Idolize Spiegeltent. It is right in the heart of the Urban Orchard in the Perth Cultural Centre, where strings of lights encased in some very innovative kitchen-ware and a fountain on the roof (yes, the roof!) of an outdoor bar are some of many beautiful features creating the atmosphere at this year’s Fringe.

We were lucky enough to try out our new venue at the Fringe World VIP Launch Party last Thursday (thanks to Dan Carruthers for the photo!), where we felt privileged to perform in front of our friends and fellow artists who are all working around the clock to prepare and perform their own shows this year. See more photos of the opening party HERE.

TELL MAMA is going to be a fabulous show with an expanded 10-piece band, the amazing vocals of Yara Neto and our crazy beehived dancing ladies Jessie Gordon and Amy Rosato. Also on the bill will be mind-blowing appearances from our special guests, jazz queen Libby Hammer and rockabilly king Rusty Pinto.

The show will feature performances of 15 tunes made famous by the great lady of soul, Etta James. Etta James sadly passed away just over 1 year ago, and with this show, we strive to pay tribute to the amazing, soulful music she created throughout her career. Choosing the songs? Almost impossible! Her catalogue encompasses so many eras and genres and styles, so we’ve tried to cover a cross-section, including well-known tunes like the famous At Last, and some of our own lesser-known favourites. We are well into rehearsals and the tunes are already sounding fantastic!

Check out our event page on the Fringe World website to buy tickets and for more details, and make sure you browse the hundreds of other amazing shows being performed over the next month.

Remember to like Stratosfunk on Facebook, and RSVP to the show.

Hope to see you for some Fringe World madness!

SF x