Whether you know all the lyrics to ‘Respect’ or you just enjoy the tambourine in the Motown classics, Soul music has something for you. That’s because no matter where you are on the Soul spectrum – from a novice to a die hard fan – Soul music has a way of moving you.

Stratosfunk is all about sharing their love of Soul music from the 60s and 70s. And it’s not just about the music for us. It’s not just about the unforgettable hits from Motown and Stax. It’s also the clothes, the dance moves, and the raw energy of this kind of music.

If you want to be a part of this Soul experience, check out our Gig Guide and Bookings, or keep reading to see who makes up this band full of Soul-crazy besuited lads and beehived ladies. 


Yara Neto

Frontwoman and Soul Queen. Band nickname: Yaya, Yahtzee, Kara, Lara, Tara, Toyota Yaris. Musical highlight: working with producers such as No I.D. (Kanye West, Common, Nas) and The Cornerboyz (Omarion, Ciara). Being featured in Rhyme & Reason Magazine. Superhero Power: The ability to change her hair more often than her outfits. Best Feature: A smile that lights up a room. Can be found: Discussing any and all of these: psychology, her hair, her love of the Dockers.

Amy Rosato

Backing Vocals Band nickname: Aymes, A Game, the A team. Musical highlight: Performing at Cottesloe's Sculpture By The Sea Opening Night. Superhero Power: Improvisational dancer. Organisational Queen. Most at home in Ikea.  Best Feature: Perfect pitch. Can be found: Singing along to Kimbra while drinking Elmstock and eating cake. Any time of day is tea time.

Jessie Gordon

Backing Vocals

Band nickname: Wrang, J Chops, J Bear.

Musical highlight: Singing onstage with her best friends at Perth’s inaugural Fringe Festival with both her bands, The Darling Buds of May and The Grindhouse Trio.

Superhero Power: Can pick up very hot things with her bare hands and can dress for three months without repeating an item of clothing (but must be kept out of direct sunlight).

Best Feature: The wrang.

Can be found: Dancing to Otis Redding with hot Cypriot doctors.

Dom D’Leno

Instrument: Hits things (he's the drummer, it's ok).

Band nickname: Dominator, Chocolate Man, DD, DomDom.

Musical highlight: Played with Kalamunda Youth Swing Band for 17 years supporting major international artists annually at Leeuwin Estate Winery. Is also the driving force behind The Darling Buds of May.

Superhero Power: Can perfect reverse parallel park *every time*. Also makes amazing pikelets.

Best Feature: Extreme Charm. Approach with caution.

Can be found: Walking his poodle along windy beaches.

Robbie Bresland

Instrument: Trumpet. 

Band nickname: Robuardo, All star.

Musical highlight: Being the leader of a hot horn section called “The Ripping Horns”, writing and arranging for session work and backing many international acts that pass through Perth including Boney M and Eugene ”Hideaway” Bridges.

Superhero Power: Can eat a vegemite sandwich in under 10 seconds.

Best Feature: Cougar Magnet. This should be listed under his Superpower, but the sandwich thing is funnier.

Can be found: Playing with his kids and their 473 bunny rabbits!

Marek Sprogowski

Instrument:  Saxes (all of them).

Nick Name: Gmail, Marky Prog Rock Ski.

Musical Highlight:  Having the privilege of sharing stages with Australian and international artists like Frank Foster, James Morrison, Lionel Hampton, Frankie Valli, Grace Knight and David Campbell.

Superhero Power: The ability to play two saxes at the same time. Whilst giving Robbie a piggyback.

Best Feature: His unparalleled calm face. Nothing can rile this man. Not even Robbie.

Can Be Found: Mark is most often teaching or playing music around Perth or you can find him at home with his jazz singing wife, Bronwynn and their three lovely childerberries. 

Jon Matthews

Instrument: Guitar. 

Band nickname: Jonny, Jonny Rocker, Jonny-cakes. 

Musical highlight: Playing all over Europe to beautiful women with Perth rockabilly legend Johnny Law and the Pistol Packin' Daddies.

Superhero Power: The ability to look completely innocent at all times.

Best Feature: His guitar solos. And maybe his personality. But mainly his solos. 

Can be found: Practicing. And then studying. And then practicing.


Gary Benness

Instrument: Bass Guitar. 

Band nickname: Gaz, Low End King, G Man. 

Musical highlight: On call work with independent record label Rella Music to record and perform with solo artists including James Michael Thompson, Georgia Juliette and Jonathan Brain.

Superhero Power: Uses echolocation to position himself on stage. Like a bat. Or a dolphin.

Best Feature: Has groove. And he brings beer to rehearsals (which he shares). We love this man.

Can be found: Listening to soul, dancing only from the neck up.

Glyn MacDonald

Instrument: Keys, Trombone.

Band nickname: G-Mac, Mac Daddy. 

Musical highlight: Receiving a standing ovation playing his original music in the Concert Hall at the Bejing International Jazz Festival. 

Superhero Power: Can simultaneously play all songs in our rep. In different keys. With one hand.

Best Feature: Is quietly right at almost all times. Also his most irritating feature. 

Can be found: Making musical jokes on the piano or gigging all over the place. Find him here: www.glynmacdonald.com